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Residential Construction

Capturing Your Design Vision to build, refurbish, or nurture your residential property ideas

Delivering external residential construction work that is beautiful to the eye and your pleasure to experience time and time again.

Residential Construction Services Company in Fife

The Residential Construction Services division of the Fife Groundwork and Building Company based in Kirkcaldy Fife can deliver an endless list of possible improvements and renovations to your home. Block & Brick Paving is a popularly requested service along with the provision of different surfacing options for patios and driveways which can instantly improve the visual appeal of your home.


So, from driveways to pathways, drop kerb work to patios we provide new or repair. Working closely with you from beginning to end we will handle every part of the construction work process. From laying the first brick to applying a final coating finish outside our inside. If you asphalt tarmacadam drives we can provide quick patching repairs. Find out more about Fife Groundworks services.



What type of Driveway Surface should you choose? Choosing the type of driveway surface for your property can be a difficult task. There are several factors that you should consider before choosing the best type of driveway surface.

Drop Kerbs

Find out the benefits to block paving with drop kerbing around your property. The cost of this varies depending on several factors. Most kerb dropping jobs require around 3-7 kerbstones to be dropped plus pavement size.  


Transform your outdoor space with a garden patio. Design your patio area so it maximises the outdoor space to provide plenty of room for garden furniture. There is paving for a wide range of patios, something to suit all tastes.

Groundwork and Building Services 

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs






•Natural Stone



•Fencing & Decking



•Imprinted Concreting


•Tarmac Works

•Surface Dressing

•Car Park Surfacing

• Pothole Repair

•Farm & Estate Roads

•Artificial Grass & Turf

•Chips & Gravel 

•Roughcast & Rendering 

•Grab Truck Hire 

•Digger Hire 

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