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Paths Paving and Patios   Contractor Fife

Whether you prefer classic, natural stone, the modern look of concrete paving, tarmac or something in between.

Paths or Paving and Patio Builders Fife

Within your Residential Construction Services division if you need a garden path or a patio then look no further than local pavers Fife Groundwork and Building Company based in Kirkcaldy Fife. Talk to us and find out the cost to lay a patio from your local professional path and paving contractor.

Get a Quote from Your Local Paver to Lay a Patio

Fife Groundwork deliver paving services in Fife at competitive prices. And, when it comes to delivering and laying a patio talk to us about the labour and costs to complete this type of work using our company's skills that will help to enhance your property.

A typical installation for a small patio can take around 2 says to install. But, a much larger patio can take about 3-4 days to install.
Prices may vary depending on the material used and how much labour might be involved. What also must be taken into account is the amount of excavation works.

Patio laying is one of the larger if not largest of landscape gardening jobs. It begins with the area needing properly prepped. If upgrading your existing patio the work involved initially is breaking down the old patio and getting that rubble cleared away. There is likely to be a degree of hole digging to put in place a hard core base. Concrete will be used to bed slabs into the base making sure there is an even layer to work with. Once the foundations are in place this will allow us to concentrate on laying your patio materials which you have selected. 


The Cost Factors towards Laying a Patio

There are likely to be some cost factors you will need to consider when it comes to laying a patio. It is important to work with good quality paving slabs. There is that saying you get what you pay for. Here at Fife Groundwork we take pride in building so we recommend staying clear of poor quality slabs. Poor quality slabs can fall apart due to having lots of air bubbles in them. Should water get into these air pockets and freezes, the ice expands and so forms tiny little cracks rendering then the slabbing as useless.

​What will always be factored into our patio laying cost is the required number of hours needed for excavation. However, a hardcore bed will not be required for your patio if the ground is not damp or boggy and your not going to use it for parking any vehicles on. Patios are also built in such a way that the cater for rain water drain away. Sometimes it will enough to let that rain water drain away to your lawn. But in some cases we might need to build a drainage channel to direct that water into a soakaway. 

The Steps Involved in Laying a Patio

Putting in place a patio is a labour intensive task. And if you have no professional experience in having ever laid a patio then this is why we makeup for being your ideal solution to getting the job done right. An important part of the job is to save you money in the long run. Because doing a professional installation means your patio will last a lot longer. And it will prevent from any expensive issues rearing their ugly head such as cracking or sinking should these important foundations not be properly laid. 

Type of Patio Available 

  • Brick Patio

  • Concrete Patio

  • Slate Patio 

  • Stone Patio

  • Tarmac Patio

Depending on the type of material you choose from that list above there are pros and cons against each. So ensure you speak to us about the good and the bad surrounding each patio surface type. For example brick patios need to be regularly sealed but at the same time overall its low maintenance. Pigment colours in concrete patios tend to fade over time yet withstands drastic weather changes. Slate patios don't fade as quickly as stone. But are prone to puddling and freezing in the colder months. Stone is the most durable option but they are also one of the most expensive options. And just like other surface solutions tarmac has its drawbacks. While it can withstand heat, UV light can cause degradation. It can become brittle and pot holes appear. It is however a cheap material for laying on a hard surface. 


Path Laying

You will likely have specific path design preferences. Paths are a functional part of landscaping helping elevate the style and design of the landscape. A path leads the eye through space towards features along the way.
A Path makes your garden feel welcoming while making a space more accessible.  Pave a driveway rather than concrete it, in case you need to access services underneath. 


We can do paving installation, paving repairs or replacement of existing paving. Concrete paving slabs is the most popular paving product in use across the UK. It is highly durable and will last for decades with literally no damage. This hard wearing material can bear heavy loads. Its recommended that paving not be a DIY project. You want to have perfectly level and evenly spaced slabs with little difficulty. 


The benefits to choosing a patio for your outdoor space. It is less expensive to build than a deck. Easy maintenance means no yearly sealing or power washing. Most patios have a longer lifespan than decking. No planning permission is needed to start building a patio. Your patio is built directly on the ground surface, so it must be level. So, factor in issues for hilly areas. This can lead to increased project costs. 

Groundwork and Building Services 

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs






•Natural Stone



•Fencing & Decking



•Imprinted Concreting


•Tarmac Works

•Surface Dressing

•Car Park Surfacing

• Pot Hole Repair

•Farm & Estate Roads

•Artificial Grass & Turf

•Chips & Gravel 

•Roughcast & Rendering 

•Grab Truck Hire 

•Digger Hire 

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