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Drop Kerb  Contractors Fife

Get the Cost of Drop Kerbing from Fife's Drop Kerb professional installers. 

Dropped Kerb Contractors in Fife

Fife Groundwork and Building Company based in Kirkcaldy Fife. Get in touch with us to find out the cost of drop kerbing from your local professional Drop Kerb contractor that is also part of our Residential Construction Services division.

Find Out the Cost of Dropping a Kerb from Us

Fife Groundwork drop kerb service offers competitive prices when it comes to delivering our kerb dropping skills at your property.

We should have you note that to drop a kerb will depend on your location and local council policy. Pavements usually belong to local councils, so you might have to apply to them for permission to kerb drop outside your property. Whilst we offer our dropped kerb services you might find that if you are considering having drop kerb work done that you might have to use one of the council’s approved contractors to carry out the work, often for a fixed fee. However, some council authorities will allow you to choose your own contractor and that is where Fife Groundwork can help you. Also bare in mind that there are likely to be a number of other factors that can affect the cost of having a dropped kerb, such as the size of the pavement, where you are located, and the number of kerbs outside your property that need to be dropped. The average kerb dropping job usually involves removing around 3-7 kerbstones,

The dropped kerb cost can also see an increase in your spend depending on the width of the footpath and the number of kerbs that need to be dropped in total.


Drop Kerb Additional Costs

There could be some additional costs that could enter the equation when pricing for drop kerb work. There could be other cosmetic finishes that you might require in addition to just dropping kerb stones. If you have any obstructions that may get in the way of dropping the kerb, you may need additional work that could include:

  • A new driveway

  • Wall or Fence demolition

  • Tree or Shrub removal

  • Replacement Fencing or New Walls built

  • Driveway Gates (should you need them)

  • Our Skip Hire Service to remove any additional rubble 

  • The installation or rerouting of any lighting

The Steps Involved in Dropping a Kerb

When dropping a kerb there are a number of steps involved. The first step will be assessing the area and checking the ground affected should there be any pipes or cables below the surface that need to be taken into consideration. If either of these are present they may need either protected or possibly rerouted. Care needs to be taken in excavating the area without damaging any existing foundations that must be left untouched. Once the new kerb stones are in place the surface around them is strengthened to ensure your new kerb stones can support the weight of vehicles that maybe moving over the surface. So, once your new dropped kerbs are laid the ground can have tarmac laid to keep everything in place and provide a strong supportive surface.


Re-Installing a Kerb

If reinstating full kerb stones at your property, the important thing that has to be done is lifting the height back to the original height of the surrounding kerbs. You will again need to speak to your local council before proceeding with this work. How many days work involved will depend on the complexity of reinstating the original kerbs taking into account other factors already mentioned on this page.

Kerb Dropping DIY

It is strongly advised against attempting to complete this work by yourself.  Of course many councils will not allow you to do it. There maybe some exceptions should you be fully qualified to undertake the work yourself. However you will have to meet certain criteria such as getting a road opening notice, having NRSWA accreditation, public liability insurance covering £10m, and planning consent. 

Time and Labour Cost

The time involved to drop a kerb will depend on several factors. Such as, the length and width of the kerb, whether there is a level of complexity in the job, how many people might be needed to work on the job. The overall time to complete the works can be 2-3 days or in some cases up to a week. Get in touch with us about the likely cost per day for a full days work, as this can differ depending on the complexity.

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